BMI                         Your Weight Status
Below 18.5         Underweight
18.5—24.9          Normal
25.0—29.9         Overweight
30.0 and Above Obese

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BMI calculator for women 

BMI calculator for women

About Body Mass Index BMI calculator for women.

Hello guys, 
BMI calculator for women calculates how much fit you are according to your height and weight.  As you measure the road in km, And measure the water in the liters, in the same way, how much fit you are It shows BMI calculator for women. This calculator is only for females to check there BMI range. There are 2 formulas to calculate BMI for women one is matric formula and seconde is the imperial formula. in matric formula, we calculate women's BMI with weight in kg divided by height in cm. In the imperial formula, we calculate women's BMI with there height in inches divided by weight in pounds LBS. You will able to calculate your BMI according to your age. Our BMI calculator for women works as per the world health organization BMI range. This BMI calculator is also useful for those who are searching for a BMI calculator for pediatrics, BMI calculator for women with age, BMI calculator for losing weight, BMI calculator for toddlers, BMI calculator for kg and cm, BMI calculator for pregnancy, BMI calculator for pregnant, BMI calculator for teenage girl, BMI calculator for gastric sleeve, BMI calculator for a large frame, BMI calculator for a female with age, BMI calculator women's health, how to BMI calculator for females, BMI calculator for female, BMI calculator for women in kg, BMI calculator for women kg, BMI calculator for ladies, etc.

Healthy BMI for women - BMI ranges for women

Healthy BMI for women

Underweight - If your BMI falls under 18.5 BMI range then you are underweight. It signifies that you are skinny and unhealthy. you need to consume more calories and carbohydrates in your diet to come in a healthy BMI range.

Normal or Healthy Weight BMI for women - Healthy BMI for women is between 18.5 to 24.9. if your BMI falls in this range that means you have a healthy BMI and you don't need to worry about it. 

Pre-Obesity BMI range - If your Body mass index range is between 25 to 29.9 then you have to take care of your diet. you have to consume less unhealthy foods. and you have to follow a healthy diet and also do regular exercise. 

Obesity BMI range - BMI range 30  and above is very dangerous for you. in this range it is difficult to do exercise and any physical activity. so you have to take care of your weight loss diet to come in a healthy BMI range. and you have to do regular exercise accordingly.

So, guys, BMI is very important for your health if your BMI is healthy then you will be healthy. so it is very important to check your BMI and keep it in a healthy BMI range.

Bmi chart for women 

for better understanding Please see the below BMI chart for women.

Bmi chart for women

Body mass Index Chart Women

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